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There is always Bandcamp!

Now that some time has passed since the release of our debut album Symphony of Dawn, there aren't enough sales to keep our webshop running. So we decided to remove the webshop. But, no worries! There is always Bandcamp where you can still buy our album and merchandise.

If you haven't - for some unexplainable reason - bought our album yet, now's your chance! Go to our Bandcamp page and buy some music. Maybe even buy a t-shirt? Or if you're on some wild buying streak, you can even order our poster!

So what are you waiting for? Have we got your attention? Are you excited to listen to some music on an old CD player you still have because you like the way an album feels in your hand and you can go through the lyrics on the booklet we provided with the album?

PS.: we won't tell anyone you still haven't bought the album until now, not even your mom.

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