Guitarist - Songwriter

The founder of Worlds Beyond. He loves music that is emotional but also powerful, which he expresses in both his guitar playing and songwriting. Besides electric guitar, Tijmen also plays classical guitar and keyboard, and is a freelance soundtrack composer.



With her lyrical soprano voice, Valerie stands with confidence and brings the magic of the songs to life. She found her aptitude for singing and music in general by her introduction to the music world (particularly the metal world) at an early age. In addition to her musical life, Valerie is also a kindergarten teacher.



Ewoud started his formation in classical guitar together with Tijmen, but broadened his musical reach with the bass. Thanks to Worlds Beyond, he took the chance to rumble onward on a wider stage. He spends his free time mostly in youth movements.



Robbe enriches the music with both classical and modern keyboard sounds. He is also a member of his local harmony orchestra, playing sax and clarinet.



With his violin, Jakob provides that symphonic touch which so characterizes the music of Worlds Beyond. During rehearsals he often provides the joyful note.



With his experience as frontman and guitarist for Lucid Dream, he shows himself to be a versatile musician and a worthy addition to the band. Wout enjoys to hit the drums, and all will hear it.

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